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The Leafyard Social Media Manifesto

Leafyard is a web application that combines science and study to motivate people to take control of their own mental health.

We know that social media can be harmful to our mental health when not used carefully, and so we’ve created this manifesto to share how we’re going to use it productively, draw boundaries, and help to create a positive social media environment.

We spend a lot of time creating content and managing these accounts, so not only do we want to create a positive space for our followers to enjoy and feel empowered by, we want to create a social media environment that is healthy for us to spend the majority of our working day on, following Leafyard’s own principles in order to lead by example.

Posting at regular times in order to minimise time spent online

Fundamentally, we spend too much time scrolling through social media, losing valuable hours in the process. We post at regular intervals so that our followers know when to expect content and can schedule their social media time around that.

Here at Leafyard, we try to limit our social media time to an hour or two a day, chunked up into 15 minute slots to keep ourselves positive and productive.

Keeping content productive and purposeful

We recognise that a lot of social media posts are mundane, unrealistic, and waste your time. That’s why we focus on keeping our content as productive and meaningful as possible. Your time is precious so we want you to have the skills, techniques and strategies you need, efficiently and effectively.

With the uptick in Reels and TikToks there’s a shift towards learning practical tips and tricks online in bitesize ways - this is a great example of the proactive, purposeful content we’re looking to share that can help improve our mental health and empower us, without spending hours online.

Posting advice and techniques that can be used to help you in the moment they are seen

At Leafyard we’re all about taking action to feel better, both right now and on a long term basis, through positive habit creation. Our posts are designed according to the principles of behavioural science and mental fitness to help you take small,immediate actions, no matter where you are.

Whether it's breathing techniques you can do anywhere, satisfying videos, or quotes that help you see situations in a new light, we want to offer that relief to you whenever you need it.

Sticking to the science - we promote scientifically-proven methods to improve your wellness, not just temporary solutions

We are not an easy-fix, fad-driven mental health solution. Everything in Leafyard has been clinically validated by a board of experts in their respective fields. There is nothing 'new' or 'invented' in Leafyard - it's all built upon the discoveries made by psychologists, therapists, doctors and researchers over decades. Discoveries proven to help us feel better.

Everything we post has a reason behind it, with a scientific justification as to how it is going to help you feel better. You deserve solutions that actually work, not mystical home remedies.

Encouraging audiences to take regular breaks from social media, think about what matters, and seek in person connections

It’s not news that social media can have a negative impact on our mental health. However, we feel that it can be used for good. It’s all about mindful consumption, quality over quantity, and balancing in with a social life that extends beyond the screen.

Here at Leafyard head office, we often take time to step away from our screens, grab a coffee or play a game of darts with our colleagues. It gives us the physical and mental break we need and allows us to have the social interactions our brains crave.

Not engaging with trolls or online abuse

You have your opinions and we have ours, but on our accounts we won’t stand for abuse or trolling. It’s not okay in any circumstances.

Our team’s own mental health is too important to have it threatened by engaging with these kinds of harmful comments and that’s why we won’t do it. If you’re lovely or constructive with us, we’re more than happy to reply. At the end of the day, we’re all people and we have our own mental health to look after. We suggest you take the same approach with your own social media.

Sharing tips on hows to shape your own social media environment into a healthy space and how to spend more time offline

This manifesto isn’t going to change the entire social media landscape on its own, so we’re sharing these guidelines with you to help you make positive changes to a system that’s become pretty toxic of late.

We’re also going to be sharing tips surrounding mindful consumption of social media such as following people who inspire and empower you rather than make you feel jealous or less-than, and how you can use your own account for good. We make a conscious effort to make our personal accounts positive places where we like to be, so the Leafyard account is no different.

Keeping a focus on practical, meaningful solutions

One of the fundamental tenets of Leafyard is that we all know what works to improve our individual mental health, the issue is that we don’t actually do it. By keeping a focus on real world, achievable actions, staying consistent and putting in the hard yards, we can actually begin to make those neurological and psychological changes that are going to make our lives improve in the long run.

Highlighting and sharing the spotlight on services and organisations that are doing great work

If we’re going to make our social media feeds a more positive, healthier and happier place to spend our time, we want to share the great work being done by other businesses, organisations and charities.

These aren’t people we’re personally or financially affiliated with - our team are just fans of what they’re doing and want to share the love. The social media environment would be a lot more positive if we all shared more accounts who are actively trying to improve the world, so we’re going to start right here.

Encouraging you to take control of your mental health and empower you to make a real difference in your life.

If you want to really feel better, we can’t do that for you. We wish we could, but that’s not how our brains work. We want our socials to be a place that empowers our followers to actively take control of their mental health.

When we take ownership and responsibility for our decisions, behaviours and actions, we become more invested in the process and we’re more likely to stick with it and succeed. We want to empower all of you to reclaim the real you and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.