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Safeguarding and Security

  • Leafyard takes your privacy and security very seriously.
  • We have decades of experience in security and safeguarding, including in the banking sector so we know how to keep secrets secret.
  • Your interaction with Leafyard is for you and you alone - we don’t share anything.
  • It might make you feel good to know that Leafyard is a trusted provider to the NHS.

Protecting your confidentiality is our highest ethical priority. Your journey through Leafyard is personal and strictly confidential. Every interaction you perform with Leafyard will be accessible only to you and will never be shared with any third party nor be accessible to anyone else - not your employer, your family, your friends, not a system administrator, not anyone. This is a safe space where the focus is on your personal growth, so let’s dive in with confidence.

It’s all about trust – in fact, the word ‘confidentiality’ comes from the Latin ‘con-fidere’, meaning ‘strong trust’. Research suggests that, whatever change you experience though the Leafyard programme, the amount of that change that can be attributed to your trust in the experience with us will be around 7 times higher than the amount of change attributable to any particular content or technique used within the programme – it’s how you feel about what’s happening that is important, more than what is actually happening.

Leafyard has a commitment to security that is unparalleled in the ‘software-as-a-service’ field. The main driver of this commitment is from the founders of the business, Phil and Jon.

Before they began Leafyard they founded (and later sold) a computer system that provided security and fraud detection services to the very best in public and private sector organisations.

Customers included many prominent and demanding financial institutions. In fact, these customers still use the system today, to secure their digital online and mobile banking facility.

Suffice to say, the team at Leafyard are more than familiar with providing secure services that operate at the highest levels of banking security. To this end, you can be assured that data security is the highest priority that Leafyard has, and is backed by a team that really knows what they are doing.

Data is essential to the future of health and wellbeing and any data gathered from Leafyard users will drive a curated & tailored experience for you and you alone. It’s a sound, yet agile, infrastructure which is essential to protecting user privacy whilst advancing the technology and driving interoperability.

Your data will never be shared with anyone - not even Leafyard employees. Everything is 100% encrypted for your security and peace of mind when it comes to working on your mental health.