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Photography Credits

Leafyard supports these incredibly talented artists and photographers.

Leafyard is a new thing. Even though the research and science behind it is well established and proven, Leafyard itself is still a young initiative. This website is very new too and we have not got around to shooting some custom photography for it yet, so, until that time comes we are relying on the insightful and special work of these photographers and artists.

  • Michael Burrows
  • Polina Zimmerman
  • Cottonbro
  • Lara Jameson
  • Karolina Grabowska
  • Yan Krukov
  • Sarah Chai
  • Andrea Piacquadio
  • Artem Beliaikin
  • Lisa
  • Ketut Subiyanto
  • Andrew Neel
  • Matej
  • Monstera
  • Maria Orlova
  • Miriam Alonso
  • Fauxels
  • George Milton
  • Josh Hild
  • Erik Mclean

All photgraphy is taken from